EchoAR Experiences

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Michael Roth Chief Operating Officer
Chris Warburton Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Vlasic MD Chief Medical Officer


Augmented Reality Training Platform

EchoAR is a Michigan-based company founded in 2018 by a health information technology leader, an Emergency Medicine Physician, and a home care industry veteran. Having employed hundreds of caregivers, Co-Founder Chris Warburton felt the need to develop a new way to train staff and renew empathy in caregivers.

EchoAR is an augmented reality (AR) training platform that utilizes immersive, next-generation technology to simulate the functional deficits associated with conditions such as advanced dementia to train more empathetic and effective caregivers. The platform was initially developed to address compassion fatigue and high staff turnover rates in the elder care industry, which compromise the quality of care provided to this vulnerable patient population. The EchoAR platform can be utilized to train healthcare professionals, students, and workers across other disciplines to engender more compassionate, skilled, and engaged care providers.